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Halloween hair PSA from hairstylist Nicoletta Gauci!


You can dye synthetic hair wefts/wigs and save major money.

Buy blonde synthetic wigs and by using either textile dye for polyester fabrics (idye poly is a great brand) and HOT water or 99% rubbing alcohol and an alcohol based marker (I love copix and Pantone). All available at any art store.

The whiter the blonde the more opaque and true the color, the darker the blonde the more depth and translucence.

To reduce plastic shine soak wig in fabric softener overnight before coloring.

To style, mix small amounts of elmers glue into your hair products, set with braids/rollers/pin curls and heat/steam the wig. For a smooth look just place a wig cap over the headform and wig, and steam. Head forms are $2.99 at Sally's.

Wear a basic wig upsidedown for more volume. 

For a fuller look, buy wefts and a wig. Use weave glue, or needle & thread to attach loose wefts in between tracks on the wig. Wrap headform in plastic before glueing.

Happy Halloween!