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Hello Spring! Summer is just around the corner and we were noticing that a few of our daily practices needed a dusting. This month, it’s all about the healthy hairdresser! We wanted to plant a few ideas and see what grows for you!

In the immortal words of Olivia Newton-John, "let’s get physical!!"

All that beautiful balayage, razoring and root touch ups are hard work on the body, especially shoulders and back. Even with proper footwear and comfortable chair height, the repetition can cause disruption to those limbs that are so vital to our productivity. We know that regular exercise and stretching can help the body remain strong and less prone to injury, but some days, the gym isn’t in the cards. Here are a few simple ways to get moving in 5-15 minutes!

1. Easy Alignment

Regular check-ins with a chiropractor will give you the professional tune-up you most desperately need, but when you can’t get to the doctor use downtime at the salon wisely. During back room breaks you can keep moving with these tension releasing moves.

  • First, stand with feet hip-width distance and get comfortable and grounded. Deep cleansing breaths help! Raise your arms overhead and cross one foot in front of the other. Now, bend from the waist as far as feels comfortable for you. The stretch should be intense but never painful! This posture relieves tension in the hamstrings and lower back. Make sure to switch sides and repeat as needed.

  • Next, standing tall, place one foot a big step in front of the other. Raise your toes and keep your heel to the ground…for added challenge raise the toes on your back leg too! Slowly, lean forward as you feel the hamstring release.
  • Again, pain is not the goal. Before beginning any new physical activity, consult your health professional and listen to your body above all.
  • Now that your legs and back are feeling some relief, let’s move up to the shoulders.
  • For this next stretch, extend both arms out in front of you, like reaching for a hug! Now, cross your left arm under your right and bend your arms, bringing hands towards the face with elbows raised. The back of hands or palms can come together or not, simply relax into the stretch. Deep breaths into the places of tension and remember to smile…you’re getting the best hug in the world. Release and shake out, then repeat with opposite arm.

For more helpful tips and additional resources, check out VeryWellFit.com or the MindBody app.

Sometimes it isn’t just the big muscles that need a back room break. Our brains are responsible for every little detail and how often do we get to the end of the day physically and emotionally exhausted?

Mental stretches and exercise for long term cognitive function are like “bonder treatments” for the mind. Think about this: our brain processes 70,000 thoughts per day. From color formulas to clients coffee preference, daycare pickups and dinner plans, we are constantly processing…. WHOA!!!  Taking time to slow down allows our body and mind to repair itself, work through the kinks and make choices for the betterment of our wellbeing.

2. Head. Heart. Hands. Hx3

This next exercise is terrific and comes from Kelli Mason @limitlesshairdresser. She recently paid a visit to my home salon and it’s an experience I highly recommend. While there were a million gems, one really stood out and practicing this daily has changed my life. THOUGHT. CHOICE. ACTION.

Seriously. I know, right??

  • Take a few deep breaths. That great idea you have brewing in your mind, let it travel to your heart as you take a few more deep inhales and exhales. Settle there for a minute. How does it feel in your heart? Is it cozy, exciting, and achievable? Or like a looming mountain of never-ending hurdles? We hear the saying “trust your gut,” however I find the heart to be a valuable tool in the decision-making process. If your heart is in agreement with your head, then it is time to call in the hands! Action Jackson…. Even one small step in the chosen direction, one iota of energy put into the proper bucket can create a ripple of abundance. Remember, the universe conspires to help us grow, especially when we come from a place of love.

Every choice is yours. For more #limitless tips from Kelli, check out the YouTube for awesome videos and limitlesshairdresser.com!

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the “toner” of mindful practices – meditation. Often the word meditate is associated with spirituality and yoga, but I offer another perspective to that pile. When we use glosses and glazes in the salon, what are we doing for those 5-20 minutes? Refining tone, evening porosity, and adding shine right? What could 20 minutes a day of positive thoughts do to our minds? Refine our thoughts, soothe emotion and perhaps even add some shine! I invite you to play around with the formulas and make adjustments that suit your needs.

The following is a simple, accessible meditation to enhance, refresh or correct your day! The best part is you can do this anytime. Practice what works for you.

3. 5 Minute Mind Melt

  • Sit comfortably. Eyes can remain open or closed, depending on your comfort.
  • Start with 3 cleansing breaths, in through your nose and out through the mouth.
  • Continue breathing deeply as you slow your mind, clearing the path for any thoughts needing attention. Let them ebb and flow, do not force.
  • Take a deep inhale and breathe in PEACE.
  • Exhale slowly and breathe out COMPASSION. Pause.
  • Breathe in LOVE. Exhale GRATITUDE.  Pause.
  • Inhale deeply for CLARITY. And now, exhale GRACE. Pause.
  • As you enjoy the stillness of the moment, let your breath return to normal and set an intention for the rest of your day.

Need a helpful reminder? Download the Headspace app for easy to access guided meditations 24/7.

Until next time beautiful Bangstyle readers. Be well, take care of yourselves and each other and stay tuned for next months hot topic...Charging Your Worth!!



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