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From fashion week to street style – sleek, polished blowouts have been all the rage and are gaining traction throughout the industry. As heat styling increases, protecting the hair is key to getting the desired look and a flawless finish. Noticing there was a need for a product that treats while protecting against heat, KEVIN.MURPHY engineered a new option for use both in the salon and at home. This revolutionary product locks in moisture while locking out the external effects of the environment, and is sure to become a cult-favourite. 

The latest release from KEVIN.MURPHY – EVER.SMOOTH enhances the condition of the hair while creating a frizz-free finish that also prolongs the life of a blowout. Created to use on all hair types – soft, fine, flat, frizzy, or textured – it works in tandem to seal split ends while adding extra hold for your style. Silky smooth texture is just a spritz away with a formula that doesn’t add excess residue or weigh the hair down.

Why You’ll Love It:

Reducing friction, further cutting down on drying time and damage to your strands you’re left with a silky smooth finish. Not to mention, this new release has an intoxicating aroma that will leave you reaching for it daily.

How To Use: 

Activated by the heat of your blowdryer. After shampooing and conditioning, apply to towel-dried hair. For the best effect, separate hair into sections and spray liberally. Then, blow-dry each section with the brush of your choice. *Hot tools can then be used to further enhance the shape of your style while achieving further protection. 

How It Works:

Utilising Long Chain Polymers, the product self-organises on the hair shaft in order to lock in moisture, shine, volume, and style. Additionally, a Wood Bark Complex of Blue Cypress, White Cypress, and Lemon Aspen work together to create a process similar to how AHA's work - gently protecting the strand as water-soluble Phyto-acids create resistance to moisture, a.k.a. frizz. 

Who It’s For:

This product is a great alternative for clients looking for a smooth and sleek style without the commitment of permanent treatments.

As you turn up the heat this season, turn up the protection of your most-loved styles with EVER.SMOOTH.