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While many of us learned to embrace our “pandemic roots,” others have found new ways to blend them. Enter: Herringbone highlights — a loved look among celebs and stylists. Gwyneth and SJP have long been converts of this gray coverage trend. Read on to find out what herringbone highlights are and how to get the look. 

What Are Herringbone Highlights:

Herringbone highlights are less about a specific shade and more about utilizing a new pattern to cover grays. The look effectively weaves highlights within your natural color to blend grays and enhance tone. Light and dark hair colors can use this technique to cover grays, and it is a favorite for the ability to extend the time between hair appointments. 


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How To Get The Look:

Herringbone highlights are less about covering grays and more about blending them — so you’ll want to begin there. Start the process by making a plan with your stylist. It may take a few appointments to get the look if you already cover your grays regularly. The pattern will be more sporadic, like how gray hairs pop up. Highlights will be weaved throughout the hair to match and blend the new growth. 

The Upkeep:

Once you get out of the cycle of root touch-ups, herringbone highlights can be applied whenever needed or about every 8-10 weeks. You may need a gloss or touch-up based on your base shade and desired outcome. Apart from salon appointments, upgrading your home care is a must. Add a moisturizing, brightening shampoo to your routine to keep your shade from becoming discolored. 

Product Suggestions:

If you’re worried about brassiness or yellowing, reach for Redken Color Extend Blondage or Brownlights. For all-over brightening, Redken Color Extend Blondage High Bright is ideal. 


Between appointments, you might also want to apply a tinted treatment to help blend. Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks can easily add a hint of color without the commitment and help bridge the gap between appointments.