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A style staple, the classic bun is a style that exudes elegance. It can be worn from day to night with everything from a chunky knit sweater to an evening gown. Although the style may look simple, there are a few key tricks that are imperative to getting it to look chic. Follow along below as Sherri Jessee gives us the steps to steal the show!

1. Begin with a perfect ponytail.

2. Attach 2 bobby pins to an elastic.

3. Holding forward, secure the ponytail to the top of the head.

4. Pin on a hair pad.

5. Smooth the ponytail over the hair pad.

6. Twist and secure with a few pins.

7. Spray to smooth fly-aways.

Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee

Photo: Brad Lovell

Model: Melanie Blankenship