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Not everyone on your shopping list wants the same thing. Some gifts you have to order online, others you have to scour the mall in hopes of finding the right item. The 18.21 Man Made line covers all your bases. From your best friend to your spouse, 18.21 offers major must-haves for all hair types. Read on to discover the top products to gift to your loved ones this season.

18.21 Pomade

Though a good pomade may be a staple in every guy’s bathroom cabinet, it’s also a huge lifesaver for women looking to achieve the slicked-back look that’s all over the Fashion Week runways. Plus, the water-soluble formula adds medium hold and never flakes.

18.21 Clay

Guys with shorter strands will constantly reach for this clay-wax hybrid. Not only does this powerhouse product provide strong hold and a matte finish, it also thickens locks and creates a cool, lived-in texture for easy styling.


18.21 Paste

Perfect for taming unruly natural texture, this whipped styling paste adds moisture without weighing the hair down. Plus, its flexible formula transforms the hair into the ideal canvas for blow-drying.


18.21 Man Made Wash

Both men and women can save time with this sulfate- and paraben-free 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Not only does it gently cleanse and add lightweight moisture, it also leaves behind an addicting sweet tobacco aroma.

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