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Looking forward to a season that’s merry and bright, salons everywhere are noticing an increase in appointments before the holiday rush. Making the most of time spent in the salon, stylists and clients are looking for quick and easy ways to refresh shades. Learn about some of the latest COLOR.ME releases and KEVIN.MURPHY products to ensure you’re able to capitalise on colour this season. 

At-Home Colour Options

If clients are unable to commit to a colour appointment or need to enhance their latest service, send them home with one of the ANGELS – BLONDE.ANGEL, CRYSTAL.ANGEL, or COOL.ANGEL. These at-home treatments will restore moisture, protect against unwanted undertones, add a hint of colour or simply a gloss-like shine. 


Request A Professional Toner

While there’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh colour, sometimes clients (and stylists) simply don’t have the time. If you’re heading to the salon to pick up gifts for your loved ones, ask your stylist to apply a quick and easy toner at the basin. With the addition of LIQUID.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%) to the COLOR.ME range, stylists are now able to refine and tone colour with an APPLICATOR.BOTTLE in 20 minutes or under – 3 times quicker than with a standard brush and bowl service. 

Change Your Style

From enhancing natural texture to trying out a new way to wave, switching up your style is an effortlessly easy way to highlight your colour. Consider face-framing layers, changing your part for a fresh take on highlight placement, or add larger than life volume, or shimmering shine with product. You’d be surprised how quickly a style can change with the right product picks. SHIMMER.SHINE and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE are obvious picks to instantly enhance colour and create shimmering reflects and DOO.OVER and BEDROOM.HAIR are excellent finishing agents that separate texture to show off the depths of your look. If you're looking for a little inspiration, KEVIN.MURPHY has endless amounts in the YOU.DOO.YOU series on IGTV – click HERE to check them out!