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It’s only a matter of time before you’re sitting at the dining table surrounded by distant relatives asking all too intrusive questions about your love life, career and an array of other topics that will have you desperate to grab a second (or third) helping of pie. And while there’s no way to prevent your family members from getting into your business during the holidays, you can leave them speechless by looking flawless from head to toe. Yes, a good hairstyle, on-trend outfit and a calm, cool and collected demeanor are surefire ways to survive all of the festivities. Read on to learn four secrets to looking and feeling your best this holiday season.

Tip #1: Start planning now

Even if you don’t have your life together, there’s no reason to look like a mess when you show up at an event. Spend a couple of hours planning your holiday looks, from your hair to your makeup to your outfit and accessories.  Scour Bangstyle and Instagram for an array of holiday inspiration, then jot down your ideas and figure out what you need to buy, what appointments need to be made, etc.

Tip #2: Visit your colorist

There’s nothing worse than sporting faded color or grown-out roots during the holidays. Schedule an appointment for a trim and dye job ASAP—salons book out super fast during this time of the year. A fresh chop and a color touch-up are easy ways to boost your confidence and get people talking!

Tip #3: Stock up on all of the essentials

The holiday season tends to be jam-packed with plans, from parties to family dinners to girls’ nights. To ensure that you’ll be ready for any occasion, take a peek at your bathroom cabinet and make sure your go-to tools are in perfect working condition. Three must-haves for the holiday season? A trusty blow-dryer, because air-drying just isn’t an option during the winter months; a flat iron, for combatting frizz; and a curling iron, because nothing says “the holidays are here” quite like a glamorous finish.

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Tip #4: Treat yourself!

Sure, the holiday season is all about giving, but if there’s any time to indulge a bit, it’s now. Schedule a facial and massage, a mani/pedi, or a “just because” blowout to help you feel relaxed and pampered during what can be the most exhausting time of the year. Chances are, you’re doing a lot for everyone else, whether it’s endless gift shopping, cooking more than you normally would or traveling to see your loved ones. If you have any hope of surviving the season, you’re going to need to give yourself a break!