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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by flaunting a fabulous hairstyle? Whether you're attending a family gathering, an office party, or a glamorous New Year's Eve celebration, we've got you covered with the best holiday hairstyles and the essential products to achieve the look you desire.


The Top Holiday 2023 Hairstyles

Classic Chignon Bun


For a timeless and sophisticated look, consider the classic low chignon bun. This versatile hairstyle complements any outfit and exudes an air of elegance. To achieve the perfect chignon, you'll need a quality hair donut, bobby pins, and a strong-hold hairspray. Opt for a product like Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray, Strong Hold Hairspray to keep every strand in place throughout the festivities.

Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray

Effortless Beachy Waves


For a more relaxed and carefree vibe, go for the effortlessly chic beach waves. Achieving this look requires a quality curling wand or flat iron, as well as a texturizing spray for that tousled finish. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is a popular choice for creating beachy waves.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Hollywood-Inspired Glam


Channel your inner Hollywood star with glamorous, voluminous curls. A high-quality curling iron and a heat protectant spray are crucial for this stunning hairstyle. Consider using a Heat Protectant Spray to shield your locks from damage while ensuring your curls stay intact throughout the celebration.

Kristin Ess Style Assist Blow Dry Mist Heat Protectant Spray


A Braided Crown


For a playful and romantic holiday look, opt for a braided crown. This style adds a touch of whimsy to your ensemble, all you need are some bobby pins and a strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place. Flexible Hold Hairspray is perfect for maintaining the shape of your braided crown while allowing for natural movement.

Drybar Moneymaker


Make A Statement with Accessories


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Elevate your holiday hairstyle with statement accessories. An embellished updo featuring jeweled pins or a decorative hair comb can turn a simple bun or twist into a head-turning masterpiece.

Kitsch Chiffon Dinner Hair Scrunchie


The key to getting the look to stay all night? Pair your chosen style with the right products to ensure a flawless look that lasts from the first toast to the final countdown.