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Holiday music, jackets upon jackets, warm beverages, and last-minute appointment requests are right around the corner. Is your salon ready for the holiday season? No matter the model, size or location of your salon, the holidays always add a whirlwind of clients. There may be endless days leading up to the holidays but there are 4 golden things we can do to ensure that everyone has a happy experience this year and keeps returning in 2021.

Communication is Key

Take this time to send out a holiday email blast reminding clients about current policies, cancellation allowances, and what your salon is up to this season – including sales and service packages!

Invest in Extra Hands

Stylists often need to work longer days to fit everyone into their schedule. To cut down on fatigue, consider bringing in an extra set of hands (on a seasonal basis) as most retail stores do. It could be a great way to try out a potential new assistant or junior stylist and take some of the pressure off your lead stylists (or yourself). They get training and experience and an income while you get to focus on your clients.

Maximize Each Visit

Encourage clients to double up their cut and color on one day avoiding the risk of not finding another time slot. Do this prior to their visit with a confirmation call, text or email asking if they would like to add ‘XYZ’ service so you can give them the appropriate amount of time. Additionally, use this moment to also ask them if you can place a product order for them in advance. If clients typically get take-home color maintenance kits – prepare these during their visit and add them to their service total so they don’t have to make another trip.

Prebook for 2022

As you check clients out encourage them to pre-book for their next appointment. Even if they don’t keep that exact appointment, the eventual confirmation reminder will help them realize it’s probably time for a visit and will ensure that your 2022 starts off as strong as your 2021 ended.