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Preparing for a special occasion or a holiday soiree can be an all-day process. From a hydrating face mask to a long soak in the tub, prepping for a big event is almost half the fun! Unfortunately, for many women, it’s just not practical. Read on to learn time-saving tricks to help you look pulled together fast.

Have 3 outfits on standby

With the holiday season in full effect, you never know when a last-minute outing will take place. Keep three outfits ready to go in your closet: your favorite LBD and heels, a nice sweater and wide-leg pants combo and a sweater dress and boots. Knowing that you have outfits already put together will prevent you from having to waste time searching for pieces in your closet.

Skip the shampoo

Unless your hair air-dries smooth and frizz-free, you may want to forgo shampooing when you’re strapped for time. Take a body shower, then apply a dry shampoo to your roots to absorb excess oils and give your hair a fresh, clean feeling.

Try: label.m Dry Shampoo



Opt for an updo

Though a fresh blow-out or soft waves always look nice, it’s best to put your hair up when you’re in a rush. If you have natural texture, opt for a romantic messy bun. To achieve the look, start off by applying a texturizing spray to amp up your natural curls or waves, then twist your hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins or a hair elastic. If your hair is naturally straight, try a slick low ponytail. Use a teasing brush to gently smooth the hair around your face, then pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. Work a small amount of pomade through your hands before applying it to any flyaways around your face, then finish with hairspray.

For the messy bun, try: Macadamia Professional Texturizing Salt Spray and label.m Kirby Grips

sea-salt-spray label-m-kirby-grips

For the sleek pony, try: 18.21 Man Made POMADE and label.m Organic Orange Blossom Hairspray

18-21-man-made-pomade label-m-orange-blossom-hairspray


Invest in a makeup palette

Rather than waste time searching for the perfect eyeshadow shade, keep a palette of your favorite shadows on hand for when you’re in a rush. Neutral hues with a hint of shimmer look festive yet chic for any occasion.




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