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There’s a shade of hair color that we’ve been dreaming about for a while now. Up until now we could only describe it as that natural shade of brown that is in between blonde and brunette. It encompasses the lightness of a level 7 blonde with the strength of a brunette. While we might have Starbucks to thank for this new trend, Horchata hair color is the shade we’ve been dreaming about.

It ranges in color and can even include cinnamon or caramel highlights; this shade is not warm or cool but the ultimate neutral. This hair color is perfect for fall, although we’re hoping to sport it all year round! Scroll to see some of our favorite shades for inspiration.

Hair: @Andrea Claire

Horchata hair with cream! This highlighted version of the trend is too sweet to handle!

Hair: @NevsyZee

This shade is our ideal vision of the Horchata hair color, subtle coolness and supreme neutrals.

Hair: @JamieWiley

While this takes a walk on the warm side, this Horchata haircolor is the perfect mix of Horchata and Pumpkin Spice!