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Whether you totally freaked when you saw Kristin Ess’s deceiving Instagram post, or you’ve had your eye on the accessories spotted on the runways, chances are you’ve been on the hunt for hair accessories to add to your style this season! The last time hair accessories were this popular was probably in the 90s, which is why we’ve seen a resurgence. These expensive little trinkets aren’t the butterfly clips of hairstyles past; they have been updated for the modern woman. Giving girls a reason to style their hair again, they have quickly become the perfect pick-me-up for hairstyles fresh or day-old! While you’ve probably seen these little baubles plastered all over your Instagram feed, you might not know how to get your hands on them. We took all the guesswork out for you and rounded up a few of our favorites and where to grab them!


The Perfect Pearls

While we’ve searched long and far and on multiple pages of Etsy, and we find ourselves returning to the scene of our first spotting – Cali Tiger. With a plethora of pearl barrette options, they also have a few tortoiseshell contenders as well. These are slightly larger than the barrettes you’re probably used to so be aware when ordering. Most measuring about 3.5 inches, they can add a serious dose of chic when it comes to wearing your hair up or down. When ordering yours, pay attention to your hair color. Pearls will stand out more on brunette hair while tortoise might look brighter on blondes. If you want things to blend, then simply reverse that advice! Looking for a more subtle take on pearls, take a peek at how Justine Marjan is using them this season


Glitzy Glamour

Looking for a little more glitz and glamour? With options from barrettes to hairbands with rhinestones that will add sparkle to any hairstyle, Anthropologie is always a one-stop shop. The great thing about rhinestones is their ability to look great on almost any hair color. Which different shades and sizes,  you’re sure to find one that matches!

Go Ahead, Splurge

Whether you’re looking for an accessory for your wedding or simply a special occasion, Lelet NY is the perfect place to start. With a more refined style and pieces that were made to last longer than a single season, you’re sure to find barrette’s, combs and headpieces that will shine. A few of our favorites? We can’t get over the Pearl Halo, Seeing Stars Barrette, or Mattar Pearl Barrette. They are perfectly refined for a keepsake accessory.


If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective way to join the barrette bandwagon, Free People and Target are always a great way to go! Unlike other retailers, their options usually come in sets and have a more budget-friendly price tag. For instance, the Resin Party Pack from Free People gives you 3 different accessories. Or, you can check out the Scunci X Sincerely Jules collection at Target! From headbands to hair clips, crystals and pearls they’ve covered all the hottest trends and come in at a budgetnista price!

For more fashion-forward styles and product picks and be sure to stock up on all goodies the Bangstyle store has to offer!