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Now that the pandemic cut and color corrections are (hopefully) coming to a close, hair salons are finding their new groove with the trends that have developed over the last year. In some ways, it feels like 2020 was never-ending and in others, it seems like we blinked and everything changed. So which trends endured this year and which are we saying goodbye to? Read on to find out.

From cold as ice to warm as a winter fire


Icy, ashy locks have been all the rage for a few seasons now, but as the year comes to an end clients are asking for brighter and warmer shades of their favorite balayage and highlights. Maybe it's the result of spending too much time in indoor lighting or the challenge of maintaining those silvery locks at home, but buzz words like ‘buttery,’ ‘toffee,’ ‘honey,’ ‘strawberry,’ ‘champagne,’ ‘mocha,’ and ‘caramel’ have made us both hungry and inspired.

Reaching hair goals

For many clients who struggled with growing their hair out, the pandemic was just the right trick. Less heat, less styling and a major break have left our clients with the great lengths they always desired - and many have no intention of going back. Help your clients maintain their newfound length with proper retail and home care as well as salon visits for trims and conditioning treatments.

To balayage or not to balayage

Balayage is one of those trends that has existed since the beginning of trends. The techniques and desired results may evolve but there will always be clients who want that hand-painted, sun-kissed effect. For a while, most clients who were asking for balayage actually needed more of a foilyage technique and while that has its purpose, a shift back to open-air clay-based balayage has been taking place since the start of fall 2020. Clients are coming in wanting something new, something fresh but without a large time commitment or major maintenance. A touch of hand painting effect is perfect.

Roots are here to stay

One thing we learned during this pandemic is that sometimes, you have to let your true colors show. By that, we mean your natural color, of course. Clients (especially blondes) are embracing their contrasting roots and spreading their touch up appoints out a bit further. Education about maintenance is key for these clients as well as proper retail. With this trend is a return of the ‘faux root’ for natural or augmented blondes.

Trying something new


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Some clients are taking this time at home to try a new cut they’ve always wanted. Consider booking video chat consultations and exchanging photos of what you think is best for their face shape and hair type. Clients are more so than ever looking for that personalized service.

Shades of noir

Now, we know you can't really have various shades of black...but clients sure seem to think so. Where black used to be considered ‘harsh’ or ‘flat’ clients are now embracing this raven tone and asking us to enhance it with subtle dimension to create glowing raven-haired locks that turn heads and shine like your favorite leather boots.


Pumpkin spice makes its way into the salon


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For the last few years, what is more synonymous with fall then the siren call of ‘pumpkin spice’? Well, anything pumpkin really. But the pumpkin spice craze has made its way into the salon and we don't mind it one bit. Clients have always asked for locks colored like their favorite lattes from gingerbread to caramel mocha so why not add a little spice? *Pro-tip: When using food references as color inspo we always recommend pulling up some real-life hair to determine exactly what our clients mean. 


Written by: Nicoletta