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As the temperatures begin to heat up, so do the hair colour trends. While summer is usually the go-to time of the season to reinvent a look, this season is proving even more popular. Clients are ready for change and are on the hunt for hair colour to complement their new post-lockdown style. Check out a few of our favourite shades of the season that you can easily tailor to any client.  



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Due to the fact that many clients are dealing with a great deal of grow out, they have been opting for shades that are closer to their natural tone. This coupled with the desire to keep maintenance low-key has opened up a new love for NUDES. 

*For the pros: Making it even easier to recreate the trend, NUDES SHADES .28 BEIGE.VIOLET were recently released by COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. This range of shades now available in levels 8.28, 9.28, 10.28 and 11.28 can be used alone of with the addition of SHADES and BOOSTERS to create a NUDE finish for tone-on-tone looks, refining services or darker colourations.



Fresh, seamless and statement-making. Crisp blonde paired with a global application is making it onto the scene as one of the season’s most coveted trends. The ideal counterpart for short hair cuts, this healthy pop of colour will easily show off silhouettes with a high-impact finish. *For the pros: To create these results, KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid utilised CREAM.LIGHTENER + 20 VOL. (6%) and suggests any client who is opting for a major blonde transformation to use the COLOR.ME Finishing Regimen — RE.STORE + STAYING.ALIVE to help keep hair in great condition. 



While clients are choosing to embrace a fun wash of colour year-round, each spring and summer we see quite the uptick of this trend. Whether it is the sunshine, changes in wardrobe, or choosing a shade to fit the mood of the season, summer pastels are here to stay. From global colour to peek-a-boo placement, this year, as many clients opt for brighter blondes we expect to see a resurgence of lavender tones in all depths.