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How amazing does it feel when you get your roots done? Whether its highlights or an all over tone, fresh roots can suddenly lift your disposition and get you ready for anything that comes your way.

One of the quickest ways to change your mood, persona and overall appearance is by changing your hair. From changing your part, to a simple style, getting bangs, altering your length or updating your hair color. As we make changes to our physical appearance we start to notice how much our outward style can alter our innermost feelings. A new hair tone might evoke a sense of confidence while cutting off inches can help you shed drama, or parting your hair on the opposite side can uplift your mood.

When someone decides to make a change, the process is equally as important as the outcome. Hairstylists often become sounding boards for client’s feelings or inspiration for a new ‘do. Stylists can guide someone in a new direction or even talk them out of a bad decision. The first time I decided to go blonde was in high school. I was certain that my brunette hair just didn’t suit me, and I was totally right – although platinum blonde wasn’t exactly my spirit animal either. I had my fair share of chunky highlights and overly split ends and am all the better for it today.

Feel free to share this if you've ever experimented with your hair to conform to societal standards, to get over a breakup, or to simply try something new!