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Have you ever left the salon, happy with your fresh cut and color, but unsure if you tipped your stylist enough money? More often than not, clients are left in the dark when it comes to proper tipping etiquette, often basing the amount on a percentage rather than their actual satisfaction of the service. Fret no more—we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover the top do's and don’ts of salon gratuity.

DO give yourself a starting point

Most stylists say 20 percent of the bill is usually a fair amount, but the total should depend on your overall satisfaction with the service. Ask yourself: Did the stylist take his or her time during the consultation, coloring, etc.? If you were happy with the service and feel they went above and beyond, then feel free to add on a couple of bucks.

DON’T tip just to tip

Though a tip is standard practice, you shouldn’t feel obligated to leave a certain amount if you were unhappy with your service. However, try talking to your stylist if you find yourself dissatisfied with his or her work before decreasing the tip. More often than not, stylists are willing to fix their mistakes until you are completely happy with the results. You can also talk with the salon owner or manager and discuss your concerns. If you receive some type of discount and the stylist fixes your hair, then a standard 20 percent tip will suffice. 

DO tip the assistant

If your stylist has an assistant that helped with hair washing, blow-drying, etc., then make sure to factor in an additional tip as well. Assistants are usually working twice as hard to please you and the stylist, so it’s always good to tip them anywhere from $10 to 20 percent of the service.

DON’T forget to tip the salon owner

The old school belief that you should never tip the salon owner isn’t always true. Though some owners may refuse to accept tips, it’s always good to offer some type of gratuity to show your appreciation for their work. If you feel awkward bringing it up, talk to the receptionist when you check in for your appointment to find out if the owner accepts tips.

DON'T Forget: Stylists often don't have the same benefits as you - they are responsible for their own insurance and if they are sick they don't receive PTO or sick days. When they are not working, they are not earning. They work long hours and usually on the weekends to make sure they are always available for their clients.


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