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Let’s keep it real: Coloring your hair always comes at a cost. Whether you have to go through an intense pre-lightening process in order to achieve your desired shade, or usually just stick to a simple color or a subtle balayage, hair color not only eats up a chunk of your wallet, it also puts hair at risk for major damage, especially if bleach is involved. And while regular touch-ups are necessary to keep your hue vibrant and shiny, there is such a thing as coloring your hair too much! So how often should you head into the salon? Keep reading to find out when you should touch-up your color.

Solid Color: Dark

Every 4-6 weeks

Typically, single hues should be touched up around once a month, especially if there is a huge contrast between the dye and your natural hair color. If your dye is only 1-2 shades lighter than your natural color, try out a gloss, which will eventually fade rather than leave harsh lines, allowing you to go longer in between salon visits.


Solid Color: Pastel or Bright

Every 3-4 weeks

If you’re looking to try out a bold color, you must be willing to visit your stylist every few weeks. Unconventional shades such as pink, blue, purple and even red fade fast, so regular touch-ups are absolutely necessary.



Every 6 weeks

Highlights are a great way to slowly transition to a lighter shade, without causing major hair damage. If you do want to achieve an overall blonde look, aim to add a couple of extra highlights on top of any growth touch-ups during every salon visit. Another option: Ask your stylist to allow your natural root color to show in order to go longer in between appointments. If you are concerned about hair damage, pay attention to where your stylist places the highlight: To avoid weakening or breaking, your stylist should only apply color to your regrowth, rather than add more color to the entire strand.



Every 8-12 weeks

Balayage is the most low maintenance approach to hair color. The stylist places subtle hints of color in a strategic way that gives the hair a “naturally” sun-kissed look. The best part? You can go months in between touch-ups, since you won’t have to worry about any harsh regrowth lines.

Another surefire way to prolong the life of your color? Stock up on color-preserving products that will leave your hair looking shiny, vibrant and healthy.

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