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There’s been quite a buzz surrounding Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and their wash routines, much of which has ended in hilarious responses to the media from the couple. However, all games aside, many people are probably looking at their own hygiene routines and asking the question: How often should I wash my hair? The fact of the matter is that this really depends on a range of factors, which we’ll get to the bottom of the matter below.  

Hair Type & Texture

The first step to knowing how often you should wash your hair lies in determining your hair type and paying close attention to your texture. Many mistake their hair type (thin or thick) with their hair density and this could be causing issues to your routine. Additionally, regardless of hair type — if the hair is naturally curly or coily, this can impact when and how often you wash. 

The Condition of the Hair

Whether color-treated or heat-damaged, our hair undergoes a great deal of stress every day. The state of your hair will play a big role in how often you should wash and how. If hair is overly dry and damaged, extend the time between washes to cut down on wear and tear and allow for your natural oils to replenish moisture. Additionally, use a shampoo formula specifically formulated to add hydration or strength to your strands. 



Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, chances are you’ll need to wash every day or every other day. This is because oil from your scalp easily transfers to your strands and can leave them looking greasy. To help extend the time between washes, opt for a dry shampoo like Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo or Deep Clean Dry Shampoo


Medium Hair

On average, you should wash your hair about every 2-3 days. If your hair is wavy, curly or damaged, you can try to extend this time or utilize a dry shampoo in between. For this hair type, double washing each time you shower is a great idea. Be sure to focus the formula on the root area and stimulate your entire scalp with massaging motions. The more time spent between washes, the more you’ll need to concentrate on the state of your scalp. If you notice any irritation, build up or flakes, add a scalp scrub to your routine. We love the KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SCRUB, which also doubles as a body scrub!

Thick Hair

Thick hair can usually get away with a longer amount of time between washes. If waiting 3-4 days or a week or two between washing, you should almost always double wash and ensure the scalp area is stimulated. If your texture is also curly, coily or coarse, you should choose a moisturizing formula to treat the scalp and strands. While under washing can cause problems for the scalp, over-washing can damage delicate hair types and strip too much natural oil from the hair. It is also a great idea to add a deep conditioning moisturizing treatment, like Wella Professionals FusionPlex Intense Repair Mask to your wash routine to restore condition and protect against further damage. 

Head To The Gym Often?

While the above guidelines are great places to start, each person has their own unique set of circumstances and lifestyle habits that can impact a wash routine. For many, working out is a common reason to wash more often. When we work out, sweat leaves behind salt on the scalp which can lead to irritation, which is why more frequent shampoos are needed. However, if you have a delicate hair type, it can still be a great idea to skip a shampoo and replace it with dry shampoo, concentrate shampoo only at the roots or utilize a conditioning cleanser instead.