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Everyone wants to feel a little special around this time of year. That can include a sparkly new sweater, killer boots or rocking the latest accessories from your wishlist. To complement your look, heading into the winter season, hair is being styled again as hairstyles are moving toward a “more-is-more” trend. What does this mean exactly? We’re ditching loose waves for a maximalist feel, which means you’ll need the products to create a larger-than-life finish.

The Perks of a Big Blowout

Adding volume to your blowout is one of the easiest ways to create a long-lasting look with the feel of a salon service. By adding extra volume from the start, your look will have more movement, bounce and a great ability to be restyled as you stretch the time between washing. However, creating volume within your blowout at home is one of the hardest tricks to nail down and can leave you feeling frustrated.

Get The Look:

The biggest mistake most make is not adding enough (or the right) products to their hair prior to styling and expecting the brush and blowdryer to get the job done. No matter what style you’re creating, as a rule of thumb anytime heat is involved there should always be ample products to create your look. 

One of the best ways to create a salon-worthy blowout is to add volume from the start. The top pick of the season? Redken Big Blowout!

Redken Big Blowout

Redken Big Blowout is a unique new product in the form of a lightweight jelly that can be added to damp hair prior to styling. The results? Instant volume and a silky, shiny finish that is free of frizz! In addition to easing your styling routine, Redken Big Blowout also offers heat protection up to 450F. Just add a drop to your hands, rub to disperse and apply to damp hair, comb and begin your blowout.

Expert Tips:

Redken Big Blowout is a one-step solution to ensure a big, bouncy blowout. In addition to safeguarding your style, it will add ease when styling and a perfect finish. However, in addition to this product, a few quick blow-dry tips can also help you lock in your style. 

  • For best results, remove a slight amount of moisture before drying. Consider rough drying or utilizing a paddle brush to remove moisture and begin stretching the hair pattern. 
  • Next, when you begin round brushing (which is key to getting the finished style) be sure to section hair out as needed and work in a single section before moving to the next. Begin in the front face-frame and mohawk area and work back to ensure you get maximum volume. 
  • Make sure each section is completely dry before moving to the next. If there is any moisture left in the hair it can drain hair of volume or create unwanted frizz.
  • Once your blowout is complete, consider adding a touch of Fashion Work 12 hairspray or a dash of Invisible Dry Shampoo to elongate your look and protect against the elements. 

Redken Fashion Work 12 Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo