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Slight bends or bevels in the hair are a great way to add interest to straight hair. While the look is usually created with a blowout, we've got a great tip to create it with a flat iron! A look that’s on trend this season, we’re highlighting a few ways to bevel ends on super straight hair when you’re short on time. Jamie McDaniel, Sam Villa Ambassador @jamiemcdhair, has a quick video on TikTok.

“The results are very similar to an actual blowout from start to finish. This is great for a guest that wants a dry haircut with more polish at the ends, as well as anyone looking to refresh their blowout the next day,” explains McDaniel.


@samvillahair Faux blowout bevel by @jamiemcdhair this is great for guests w/ super straight hair. Save those shoulders! #samvilla #samvillahair #samvillatools #blowout #redken #hairtok #hairstylistsoftiktok #blowdrytutorial #samvillacommunity blue monday by ayesha erotica - liv

Beveling Tips

  1. Works best on straight hair; fine, medium, or thick. Freshly washed all the way to day 3 or 4 hair.
  2. Use a Sam Villa ® Signature Series Thermal Round Brush 1.5” for the perfect bevel; not too much, not too little. It's snag free and the nylon and boar bristles help provide maximum shine.  Hold brush in the less dominant hand and the flat iron in the dominant hand.
  3. Run hair through a Sam Villa ® Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron and encourage hair around the brush.  As hair is cooling around the brush, rotate the brush a few turns to really set in the bevel. The heat and curve create a slight bevel.


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