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How often do you clean your brushes? Chances are: not enough. Stylists in the salon clean and disinfect their brushes between clients. This is done to enhance sanitization in the salon, but also to help improve the wear and tear of these tools. By keeping brushes clean and free of debris, brushes will last longer and create more optimum results when styling. 

Whether you’ve abstained from your normal blow-dry routine during quarantine or simply haven’t put much thought into the process — upgrading your routine by cleaning your brushes between use (or at least once a week) will create a longer life for your tools and better finish when it comes to your style. 

A Quick & Easy Guide to Clean Brushes

  1. After Each Use (Yes, you read that right), use a comb to remove hair from your brush. If necessary, pick out and stragglers with your fingers. Removing the hair after each use allows for better traction and less buildup on your bristles. If you have a great deal of hair buildup it can be hard for the brush to actually do its work and create tension where you need it most. 
  2. Once hair is removed: rinse the barrel of the brush with warm to hot water to rid of any dust or buildup. 
  3. Then, spray your brush with alcohol (70%) and allow the brush to sit for a few moments. Isopropyl Alcohol is a great everyday household item that will offer a degree of sanitization. 
  4. Once you’ve gone through each of these steps, use your blowdryer to dry the barrel and bristles thoroughly before use or storage. 

While we strongly urge you to brush the hair our after each use (Step 1) — if you don’t normally have the time to run through this routine each time, think about working it into your schedule once a week or even once a month. 


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