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Cutting layers isn’t just about the angles, the sections make a difference as well. To craft a unique look you’ve got to look at how the two work together.  Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken, was recently on stage at the Redken Symposium where he focused on longer layers and triangle sections. Keep reading to learn more about his method.

What was the theme you were going for during the show? 

It was a trend/educational theme with the thought of layers getting longer and how to use triangle sections to craft that texture and movement you get with longer layers.

What was the inspiration? 

Layers are getting longer, and I wanted to share how to compliment and build layers in shapes. People want to grow their layers out, so you can cut hair into a bob or work with triangles to enhance short to long angles.

How did you make each model look different, while supporting the trend? 

Triangles were incorporated into each shape to keep the hair more pliable for duality, texture, volume, and sleekness.

Triangle Sections:

  • Section a large triangle, then subsection 3 triangles.
  • Cut each triangle individually beginning with the smaller triangle first. 
  • Elevate and overdirect from the wide to narrow area of the triangle.
  • Each triangle is detached from the others.
  • The technique can be done in the back, on top and or the sides.

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Credit: Hair/Sam Villa; Products/Redken; Photographer/Jeremy Moeller