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Waves have easily become the iconic summer style season after season. As new products come out and fresh techniques are created achieving the perfect finish is now easier than ever. With less fuss and more fun, our favorite way to get beach waves this summer is by incorporating air-drying. Not only does this cut down on heat damage, it saves time allows for an even more natural feel. Learn more about how to get this coveted style in just a few easy steps.

How To Get Beach Waves: The Steps

1. Prep The Night Before

If you don’t have the time to let your hair fully air-dry, start the night before instead. Pick a shampoo and conditioner duo that works to help define your natural texture. If your hair needs help creating more definition reach for Wella Professionals Nutricurls Shampoo for Waves and Wella Professionals Nutricurls Detangling Conditioner for Waves & Curls or if your hair tends to be on the frizzy side opt for Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Conditioner. While still in the shower use a wide-toothed comb tangles out and select your part because once out of the shower, you’ll want to touch your hair as little as possible to ensure an optimum air-dry. 

Products for How To Get Beach WavesProducts for How To Get Beach Waves

 Products for How To Get Beach Waves  Products for How To Get Beach Waves


2. Apply Products Immediately

Products absorb better when hair is still wet or damp, which is why it is best to apply your go-to styler as soon as you get out of the shower. Although a single product may do the trick, we suggest layering products to take care of the health of your hair while also promoting your desired style. KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE is an ideal first layer to cut down on frizz and flyaways while adding moisture to dry or color-treated hair. Following this, choose between a wave or curl product depending on your hair texture and the finish you’re looking for KILLER.WAVES and KILLER.CURLS are two great options to pick from.

Products for How To Get Beach Waves Products for How To Get Beach Waves Products for How To Get Beach Waves

3. Finishing Touches

Once hair is completely dry you might want to touch up a few pieces around the face or add a braid for a more ethereal look. To finish the look, spray Redken Triple Dry 15 throughout the roots to mid-lengths to create separation and body, and use your fingers to tousle to the perfect finish. Then add Redken Oil For All to your ends to add a hint of shine, definition, and an a nourished feel. 

Products for How To Get Beach Waves