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I’m sure most of us wish that we could live by the beach 24/7/365 – but the reality is that even if we are in proximity to one, we don’t always make it to the sand. While most love the beach for the misty perfect mornings, free foot exfoliator or the dreamy sunsets, there are those of us who are in love with the beach for the way it makes our hair and skin feel. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to know how to recreate that beach-chic hair year-round, which is why we created this handy-dandy guide for you. Keep reading to hear our favorite style hacks for getting waves without the beach.



Whether you’re going to the beach or just emulating the look, product is an absolute must!  From hydrating strands post-sun to accentuating natural texture you’re going to want to pick up a few products for your faux-beach arsenal. Start with a great deep conditioner like Biolage Re-Hydrate Clay Mask – this is key for hydrating hair throughout the year no matter the weather. It will ensure a seamless style and an effortless glow for your strands.

Next, if you really want to look like something the beach washed up – then reach for Rough Me Up sea salt spray. As much as you try, there is nothing that recreates the beachy-chic look like sea salt spray, and lucky for you this one doesn’t have the sand to go along with it.


Braid-made waves

Want waves but don’t have the time to wand your hair to perfection? Do it while you sleep, or on your way to work. Braid-made waves are the simplest way to passively style your hair. After the shower, simply apply Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment to your hair and comb through; this nourishing formula will treat your hair on the go! Next, divide your hair into sections (more sections for smaller waves), then loosely braid your hair and use a clip or bobby pin to hold the ends without making a crease. You can either sleep on this style or wear it all day long at work and then once dry, take out your braids and spritz with Style Link Texture Builder and tousle with your hands to create volume, et Voila!


When In Doubt, Wand It Out.

If the first two methods just don’t work for you, a wand is a surefire way to get the look you desire. Starting off on either air-dried or rough dried hair use a 1.25” wand and wrap hair around it in alternating sections. (*Pro tip, when working around the face always wand hair away from the face for a natural look.) Once the hair is waved, use Style Link Texture Builder to add volume and grit, giving your hair a naturally beachy feel. Pull waves apart and tousle at the root to get your finished style.

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