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Split ends. The never-ending hair growth struggle. To trim or not to trim? It seems counteractive to cut our locks when the desired result is longer hair...but what’s the point of having long hair when the ends look like straw? Keep reading for our top tips and product picks to fix split ends! 

What Causes Split Ends and Can We Prevent Them?

If we think of our hair as fabric, then everything that wears and tears on our clothes does the same to our hair. Over-washing (or washing with lackluster cleansing agents), heat drying, ironing, bleaching...the list goes on. Just like we see our clothes get older, transparent, and frayed...so does our hair. So, can we stop it? The answer is - yes and no. We can 100% slow the process down by making conscious hair care choices. In the end though, once hair is damaged to the point of splitting, a good trim from your trusted hairstylist is your best bet.

So Fresh and So Clean 

Going back to our fabric analogy, what were we told to do with our colored clothes? Machine wash cold with a color-safe detergent...right? So, back to hair. For at-home maintenance, hair needs to be thoroughly cleansed but not overly stripped. We recommend alternating a deep cleansing shampoo with a moisturizing option. 

Our Top Product Picks: 

When you need a serious detox:

To add a high dose of hydration:

To cleanse and condition:

All too often, we over-wash hair when the scalp begins to feel greasy, which can actually cause ends to dry out. The problem here is that it doesn’t actually treat the problem at hand. The real culprit is usually an accumulation of product buildup that wasn’t properly washed out to begin with. 

The solution? Co-washing! It is also a great gentle option for daily use. However, if you rely on dry shampoos, hair sprays or anything with wax then you’ll need the occasional deeper cleanse for both strands and scalp to avoid build-up.

Sometimes You Have To Treat Yourself

While we can’t literally glue our split ends back together (if only), we CAN adjust the pH levels of hair to make the ends feel smoother and seal and protect those that have not yet split. Think about the last time you got your hair colored at a salon or a deep conditioning treatment. Remember how shiny your hair felt? How healthy and smooth your ends looked? That's all because of a combination of protein, moisture and a balancing your hair's pH level (and your magic hairstylist)! 

A few of our favorite at-home treatments:

For a luxurious reset:

An easy wash and wear option:

When you need a color refresh:


The Heat is On

Last, but certainly not least, are the additional daily stressors we put on our hair that we don't even think about it. Think: living our best life by the beach or pool, or throwing in a few curls before going out and then touching them back up again in the morning….and again the next day. Unfortunately, our hair feels the heat...all puns intended.

Some heat protectors, like KEVIN.MURPHY HEATED.DEFENSE double up as UV and heat protection.  Some are best for ironwork cue Redken Iron Shape 11. And some are better for long days spent under the sun like Keune Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray


In It for the Long Haul

The key takeaways? Schedule an appointment to trim off existing split ends, show your hair some love and create a no split end zone with the right products and routines and you’ll be on your way to your #Rapunzelgoals….or at the very least very far away from the witches broom.