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With fringe being more popular than ever, mastering a bang trim appointment is key. Whether your guests pop by for a quick and easy service or book in, the 10-minute bang trim is a must!

“The 10-minute bang trim saves LIVES. Well, it gives back sight at the very least!” explains Becka Bradshaw, Sam Villa Ambassador @beckabradshaw who believes it is an important service to keep guests’ hair on spot and build loyalty.

The Benefits of a 10-Minute Bang Trim


  • Bang trims help build rapport and loyalty between guests and service providers.  They are easy to schedule in small gaps in the book or during processing time to add value for the salon guest and keep their style on point. 
  • Schedule the service at about 3-5 weeks (about halfway) between full haircuts and do it on dry hair.  Ask guests to arrive with their fringe styled how they like to wear it.
  • The fee structure can either be separate or bundled into the original service.


  • Hair grows, on average, a half inch every month, which makes a huge difference when it comes to the hair living directly in front of the face. It can be the difference between bangs living at the eyebrows or in the eyes.
  • Curly and wavy textures tend to be able to stretch trimmings a little longer. Straight hair will be the first to show a bang trim is necessary. Bobs with bangs, shags with bangs and long hair with bangs usually tend to need trims more often.
  • Bang trims keep hair looking fresh and guests in love with their look for the entire length of the haircut.

“Pay close attention to the weather in your area if you want to provide consistent results for bang trims and haircuts. It’s good practice to rotate shear and razor cutting to keep hair happy all year long,” explains Bradshaw. In cooler months, there is a lack of humidity and moisture in the air, so razors work well to bevel ends and create movement to encourage more texture. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Razor to create detail layered or piecey bangs. Summer months in humid areas tend to make hair expand, so ends benefit from stronger lines cut with shears that still leave weight, create less texture and preserve the cuticle for a longer period of time.   For adding minimal texture, try the Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear. “If you’re a hair slayer, you need more than one tool in your holster!” adds Bradshaw.

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Credits: @beckabradshaw