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We want long hair too. But, what lengths (excuse the pun) are you willing to go to make your hair grow faster? A few of these are just plain silly; some may have a wee bit of merit. Here are some of the most amusing tips we have found, and maybe tried. We'll never tell!

1. Putting Apple Cider Vinegar on your hair and scalp.
Vinegar is a great astringent, and can help pull off product or oily build-up. But, it will not necessarily contribute to hair growth. It may, however, contribute to a decline in social invites if you try it too often!

2. Using a good conditioner.
It is a great idea to use a good conditioner…but, it will only improve the overall health and look of your hair. Unfortunately, it will not bring out your inner Rapunzel.

3. Home made deep conditioning masks of egg yolks, honey, olive oil and Vodka.
It sounds more like a cocktail gone wrong! Homemade masks can’t hurt, but will only contribute to healthy shiny hair…not longer.

Hair by Matthew Tyldesley, Photo: Gary Barragan Photography, Make up: Ashley Flora, Wardrobe: Katie Meinhart, Model: Christen McCallister, Assistance: Joey Goldsmith


4. Never sleep in a tight ponytail, it can hurt your scalp.
No, it’s not a good idea. Sleeping in a tight pony or bun can lead to some breakage. It will not stop your hair from growing or make it grow any faster. Stick with a loose pony to save from breaks.

5. Massage your scalp daily with Rosemary oil.
All I can think about when talking about Rosemary Oil is a roasted chicken.

6. Cut on the Lunar Cycle.
We are all for respecting our inner hippie. And MAYBE this can work, but we have never seen measureable growth by cutting on the cycle of the moon. Sorry.

7. Stop using Hot Tools TODAY!
Although hot tools can lead to damage if misused, they can only lead to damage or breakage. They can’t actually slow down hair growth.

Hair: Nicoletta Gauci, Photographer: Laretta Houston, Makup: Jamie Kimbrough, Model: Jill

8. Trimming your ends makes it grow faster.
Well…. We recommend trimming dead split ends. But, it wont make hair grow faster at the root. Many of us like to fool ourselves into long hair by holding onto skinny split ends. Regular trims will keep your hair healthy while growing it out, but will not elicit rocket speed growth.

9. Only wear your hair down.
Sigh…. You can style your hair and still expect it to grow. Careful of heaps of hair pins and things that lead to breakage. But, you don’t have to ditch the on-trend braids to get back your long locks.

Without further adieu, the TOP MOST REDICULOUS MYTH to grow out your hair….

10. Brush you hair upside down.
Hanging your head upside down and brushing your hair for periods of time are only going to lead to a really red face. Not flowing long hair.

We share your craving for long locks, but remember, most hair grows roughly ½ inch a month. Treat your hair well, take good care of it and be patient. Your hair will grow as fast as it can!

If you have a lot of trouble with that whole "patience" thing, there's always hair extensions...