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Dandruff. We all want to know what causes dandruff, how to get rid of it and how to prevent it. While some causes of this pesky scalp problem can be prevented, others actually need to be treated. Dandruff is characterized as “dry skin” on the scalp. It can occur from washing too much, not washing enough, psoriasis, eczema, fungus or simply a reaction to certain hair products. While you may not know what exactly is causing your dandruff, lets examine how we can treat it.

Switch Up Your Products

Whether you’ve been using certain products for years or just switched to a new routine, the answer to your dandruff problems could lie in the formulation of your product. Many times we can develop sensitivities over time or be slightly allergic to an ingredient without ever knowing. If dandruff is new to you, take a look at what you’re putting on your scalp; from shampoo to conditioner, leave-in’s and even hairspray.

Care For Your Scalp

Our routine plays a big role in the health of our scalp. Dandruff can often be caused either by washing too much or not enough. When you wash too often, the scalp is stripped of its natural oils and the skin can become dry and flaky. When we don’t shampoo enough, it leads to product and environmental buildup that can have adverse affects on your scalp, like dandruff. Another common cause can sometimes be the state of your hair while you sleep. The microbe that causes dandruff thrives in warm, damp environments – so if you notice more dandruff when you air-dry your hair, give it a quick hit of the hairdryer before you sleep.

Take Action, Fight Back Against Dandruff

Dandruff doesn’t need to take over your life. A quick and easy way to combat against dandruff lies in your Shampoo and Conditioner routine. When you shampoo and condition you cleanse your scalp of impurities and replenish it with the moisturizing aids it needs. Dandrene is a specially formulated high-performance Shampoo and Conditioner system that treats flakes, itchiness, dryness and redness. Formulated with hydrolyzed lupine protein and pomegranate peel extract and zinc pyrithione (in 2% maximum concentration), Dandrene exfoliates and provides the optimum level of strength in the fight against dandruff. The great thing about this formula is that while it fights dandruff, it also protects the integrity of your hair and hair color.

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