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You and your hair have been through a lot together. It’s your best accessory and it has the power to completely change your look. So understandably, it can be terrifying if it starts to thin. The most common causes of thinning hair are age and genetics (thanks mom and dad!). While there is not much you can do to CURE thinning hair, there’s a few ways you can help mask it.

There are a variety of products you can use that will help with the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The most important thing to remember here though is to manage your expectations. We’ve yet to discover a magic fix-it pill (come on, scientists!) so keep in mind that these provide temporary aids. While they will not bring back your Lion King mane, they can help give you an appearance you might be more comfortable with. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners will help give you fuller looking hair, as well as stylers like Volume Foams and Root Boosters, especially when used during blowouts. Make sure you’re focusing on adding volume at the root when blowing out. You can also add a little Dry Shampoo at the end for some extra texture.

A slightly more drastic option is to change your hairstyle. There are a number of haircuts that might be complimentary to your finer hair, so talk to your stylist about what will work best for you. Often times, cutting your hair short can be a big help in making your hair appear thicker. Short styles provide cleaner and sharper ends, as well as less weight, ultimately giving your hair a really healthy look all over.

If you already have fine skinny hair, it’s always good to be mindful of ways you can prevent further damage and loss. Extra care when using heat tools is very important as your hair is more susceptible to heat damage when it’s fine. Also, be careful of pinning hair pins to tightly, and make sure your aren’t wearing lots of tight ponytails. Anything that pulls and stresses the hair can lead to damage. An obvious solution to thin hair is to add some extensions to fill in the volume. However, you will need to discuss with your stylist which form is best for you, as extensions do put stress on your hair where they are attached. Typically, those of us with skinny hair are the ones using extensions most, and while it looks amazing when they are in, it’s not necessarily doing our fragile hair any favors.

Lastly, keep a healthy diet. I know it seems weird, but your hair is every bit as prone to malnutrition and dehydration as your skin. So, make sure you’re getting enough Omega 3 and Omega 6, and start forgoing the burger and fries for salmon and veggies. I know it hurts, but your hair will thank you!