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The Holidays are almost upon us which means crowded malls and Pumpkin Spice lattes to most! When you’re a stylist it means everyone will be heading your way for their color touch ups, hair trims and holiday styles. Everyone wants to look extra special for the Holidays which is a great chance to create add-on's for your services. We used the STITCH to make an adorable holiday style in seconds - so if you’re opting for online shopping; here is a holiday must have to add to your cart.  (*There's also a special in the new Bangstyle store for $5 off the STITCH!)

Our model Kimberly stopped by with her stunning pink hair, and we couldn’t wait to STITCH! We started out with a simple crosshatch pattern to practice, by following this Video! 


Once we mastered the crosshatch look we got a little more creative and used the STITCH for this Holiday inspired look: 



  • We simply sectioned a mohawk section pulling it straight back and secured with sectioning clips. (I attached a clip on each side so I could easily pull hair taught).
  • To keep the sections neat I secured the side sections of her hair with sectioning clips as well.
  • Then I began to STITCH! Weaving in and out similar to a crosshatch pattern seen here - but instead of using hair I used string instead.  
  • The look was easy, effortless, and Kimberly was so excited to wear this hair art out the door!



  • The STITCH
  • String of your choice (we chose gold!)

Product Guide to get the Look:
   STITCH - By Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co.



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