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Forget complicating the natural process with eyelash extensions and their formidable side effects or facing the time and technique challenge of falsies. The best truth is moving onto something more realistic, natural, and healthy! 


Eyelashes have become increasing trendy like the brow and are an essential everyday beauty staple. By treating your lashes properly, you can enhance your eyes and change your entire look by making them appear larger, wider, and more feminine. 


Thick lashes are coveted because we find them to be a symbol of beauty. If we don’t accentuate them with mascara and eyeliner on the daily, we at least leave the house with them curled for an effortlessly chic look.  


With Spectral.LASH you can finally end the envy by achieving naturally thick and long eyelashes! The serum simplifies your needs by nourishing your lashes back to health, stimulating the expression of keratin genes for greater thickness, length, and density. 


Not all lash serums deliver equal results. The secret behind DS Labs superior technology is the peptides, composed of amino acids they work to nurse the growth cycle of your lashes. Delivered through nanosomes for full absorption by the follicles, the serum delivers unparalleled efficacy on the lower lashes as well. Designed like a pen, it works fast and allows you to control the amount of serum being applied to your lash line day and night. No prescription necessary and no risk of deepened iris pigmentation.  Making your routine not only more affordable, but fulfilling! 


Tips and Tricks:

・Avoid rubbing your eyes

・Switch out your eye make-up remover with coconut or jojoba oil

・Be sure to get your Omegas

・Switch out the pad of your eyelash curler when it dulls out

・Be sure to curl your lashes (the right way)

・Research the best mascaras for you

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