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Selling retail in the salon can be tricky, especially when you’ve developed a close relationship with your client. On one hand, you know which products would be amazing for your client’s locks, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to come off as “pushy.” So, should you shrug off retail sales in an attempt to avoid risking your relationship? No way! Keep reading to discover easy ways to increase product sales—and strengthen clients’ trust along the way.

Conduct a thorough consultation

Every stylist can agree: A client consultation is crucial before performing a cut or coloring service. But did you know that the consultation can also provide insight as to which products may be the most beneficial? In addition to asking the common questions (i.e. what kind of cut, what length, etc.), ask your client about her current haircare routine and ultimate hair goals. Does she want to grow out her hair but finds herself washing her strands daily? Is she overloading her scalp with dry shampoo in an attempt to boost volume? Take note of her hair concerns so you can provide ample recommendations later on.

Time it right

It doesn’t matter how helpful your recommendations may be—if you try talking to your client at the wrong time, you’ll most likely get shot down. Don’t try talking to your client while she's on the phone or reading a magazine, and definitely avoid the subject while in the midst of a major chop. (If you’re talking too much, you may cause the client to question your focus.) One ideal place to start chatting? The shampoo bowl. Your client is in a more relaxed state of mind, and, because you're using the products at the moment, she may be more inclined to learn more.

Provide a multi-sensory experience

If you really want to get a product into your client’s hands, then literally put the product in your clients hands! Nothing makes a sale faster than providing clients with hands-on experience. Have your client hold the bottle, smell the formula and even feel the texture of the product.

Incorporate it into the service

Perhaps the easiest way to get a client to fall in love with a product? Use it on her! It may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many more sales you’d make by simply introducing the products to clients first-hand. Encourage your client to take note of her hair before and after using the product—we can almost guarantee that she’ll be eager to take it home!

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