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There is something to be said about the artist who never stops growing. They look for inspiration everywhere and are inspired by those around them. There is nothing we love seeing more than artists supporting other artists and learning from each other. That is why we appreciate events like Redken Symposium 2019, a weekend tailored toward promoting education and growth as individual stylists as well as salons. We loved witnessing entire salons attending together and showing pride for their craft. This year, Redken added hands-on classes to the mix.

Sam Villa led a hands-on cutting class that beautifully detailed how to create a modern shaggy look for the season ahead. Throughout this class, stylists learned not only a new technique but sound advice on growing their careers. This leads to the notion of education in the salon and how important it is to organize this for yourself as well as your salon.

While it is great to attend classes in person, sometimes it can be hard to take time off or travel to these events – which is why Sam Villa is offering solutions that you utilize from your salon!

Continuing education is a must for salon professionals to stay current with technology and trends, and to gain credibility and the respect of their clientele and peers.  While live shows and digital education have many benefits, the most bang for the buck is sure to be in-salon, hands-on education, because it can be customized to fit the exact needs of a salon.

Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, highlights the top 5 reasons in-salon hands-on education is so valuable.

1.     Each class is custom designed for the specific needs of the salon.

2.     An experienced and trained educator can offer in-depth education and guide learners to discover challenges, solutions and creative concepts that wouldn’t appear in a self-study environment.

3.     Creates a consistent foundation of knowledge shared between all stylists within the salon.

4.     Fosters team and community building…a buzz within the salon that carries over to the clientele.

5.     Less expensive than having multiple stylists traveling out of town for hands-on education.

“We offer men’s and women’s cutting classes ranging from foundational to creative, as well as styling and finishing classes from basic blow drying skills or braiding techniques to a more in-depth wedding or editorial work. Each class is custom designed for the specific needs of the salon, so when a salon owner books an in-salon class, they receive an extremely high return on their investment,” explains Carruthers.

With this type of customizable ability and ease of access, hands-on education has never been easier. Whether you’re a salon owner, a stylist or stick to on-set work, there is a program for you. Be sure to utilize the services available at the literal touch of a button to keep your styling current and techniques ahead of the curve. As artists, we must remember to keep moving and keep growing to hone our craft, because even the most advanced can still learn something new!

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