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In this ever-changing industry, it is important to elevate the conversation and be as inclusive as possible when choosing descriptive words for hair. Dicing into the topic, Ashley Brown, Sam Villa Ambassador and Mizani Artist @ash_hairbarbie explains more.

“Think of the words cosmetologist and artist versus beautician…and pre-lighten versus bleach – the former can come across as kinder and gentler. Words have power and when it comes to the conversation of Texture in reference to Textured Hair; Curls, Coils, and Waves, it's so important to approach the conversation with Texture Love, and the proper verbiage,” explains Brown. 

Here are some tips on elevating the conversation and starting new interactions with curiosity.

  • Use descriptive words that are non-offensive and all inclusive, such as Textured Hair, Highly Textured Hair, Curls, Coils, Zig-Zag Coils, Waves and Rough/Smooth Consistency.
  • Avoid using words that could be perceived as offensive, such as Nappy, Kinky, Bad, Ghetto, Ethnic, Black, or Afro Hair. 

“Although not all people may find these words to be offensive, some can be linked to negative connotations dating as far back as the days of slavery. So, when approaching the texture conversation, it's best to stick with terms you know are not offensive rather than those that could potentially offend some or all people who may be a part of or overhear your conversation,” adds Brown. 

“On the Sam Villa Ambassador team, we are all about "All of Us." Meaning, we are shifting and shaking things up in this amazing industry in a forward-thinking way to ensure we include all people from all walks of life. And that includes meeting people in conversation with verbiage that will uplift and celebrate their hair in any way we can,” she concludes. 

Keep an eye out for more inclusive Texture Talk from Sam Villa and team here, as well as with the Mizani Texpert Academy, where every class is approached with Texture Love.

Hair styled with Mizani Press Agent line, detangled with a Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush, pre-stretched with the Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush and then smoothed with a cutting comb and the Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron.