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Surprise, surprise – there’s a new hair color trending on Instagram. However, this time we’re actually kinda in love with it! 70K posts and growing quickly, #Grombre is the latest movement taking over the ‘gram and unlike spiced mochas and unicorn melts of past seasons, we can actually get behind this trend because we think it encompasses every generation and adds a touch of inspiration for men and women everywhere.

#Grombre stands for “gray ombre” and encompasses both natural and bottle grays. If you check out the hashtag on Instagram you’ll see all kinds of beautiful creations. Women are transitioning to gray hair, growing out their dyed color and showing off their grays in all their glory.

Take a peek at some of the beautiful inspiration:


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Covering gray hair is a big deal for men and women of all ages. It usually starts in your 30s (sometimes earlier) and carries with you the rest of your life. As someone who has recently been dealing with this change… and has taken to plucking them instead of dealing with the bigger problem (I know, I know)… I think it is a powerful new trend all about acceptance.

Every day women and men are held to harsh standards about how they should look. If you read some of the posts on social media women detail the hardships and hard words that often accompany going gray. Unlike going blonde or various shades of pastel or brights, going gray carries with it an unnecessary stigma. This is why we’re hoping this trend is indicative of a greater movement going on within the beauty industry – one of inspiration, empowerment, and individuality.

As clients or stylists, what do you think of the trend? Have you gone or thought about going gray? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below or share your thoughts on social media tagging @bangstyle and #Grombre!