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It’s all about YOU! We are entering a new era of bespoke styling that is tailored at enhancing everything that is most unique about you. From hair types to hair color, there is no longer a one size fits all option and your haircare should follow suit. 

If the runways and latest trends have taught us anything, it is that individuality is in. From curls to waves, pink ombre’s to brunette balayage’s - everything from bold transitions to subtle color goes. If you’re looking for haircare that’s inclusive of hair type, texture and your finished look, new Keune You is the perfect match! Offering a diverse new range of custom haircare, Keune You can be personally tailored to meet all of your needs. Read on to find out why Keune You was created and exactly how it works! 

In a recent study, it was found that 81% of women experience multiple hair concerns, however, only 26% of women find an all-in-one hair product that caters to their needs. Keune set out to break this mold by offering up a solution – meet Keune You

What It Is:

An extension of the Keune Care Line, Keune You is a line that utilizes custom-mixed formulas specific to your hair type, color and desired finish.

Who It’s For:

Improving hair quality while cutting down on precious shelf space, Keune You is the perfect solution for the person who has various hair concerns, but wants to address it with an all-in-one option.

How It Works:

Whether used in the salon or at home, Keune You enhances the relationship between the stylist and client. With custom-created Shampoo and Conditioner formulas with a range of care options, your best hair is waiting for YOU!

1. The Consult

Whether for in-salon services or an at-home option, Keune You always begins with a consultation! Start by taking a peek at the hair and discussing problems, needs, and desired outcomes. Do you need to combat brassiness and frizz? Or add warmth and shine? Keune You can be catered to fit these exact needs. Your hairstylist will choose 2 different elixirs. One Care Elixir + one Color-maintenance Elixir or 2 (different) Care Elixirs.

Care Elixirs to Choose From:

Color-Maintenance Elixirs To Choose From: 

2. Mix

Once the needs are diagnosed, you can begin creating your custom formula. You'll get a base shampoo and/or conditioner bottle with 2 different elixirs (20ml of elixir in total). At the back bar or trolley, the stylist will add the 1st and 2nd elixir to the Keune You Shampoo and/or Conditioner. 

A few of our favorite combinations:

  • Volume + Cool Blonde 
  • Curl + Cool Brown
  • Smooth + Shine
  • Curls + Nutrition

3. Shake

Shake the bottle for a minimum of 30 seconds and ta-da! Your client’s customized haircare solution is finished. They come in beautiful, luxurious and personalized showboxes. 

Why You’ll Love It!

With the ability to treat multiple concerns with a single bottle, Keune YOU eases at-home care while improving condition and color. With over 100 possible combinations, the options are endless!