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Let’s face it: As women, we go through a myriad of emotions every day—one minute, we’re feeling sad and overwhelmed the next minute, we’re overflowing with happiness. While ever-changing hormones may be to blame, why not have a little fun with it? The Keune #ColorYourMood collection is officially the “mood ring” of hair color, featuring five fresh shades designed to match your every feeling. Keep reading to discover why this limited-edition line is slated to change the game—and your mood—when it comes to summer hair color.

What It Is: The Keune #ColorYourMood collection is no ordinary color line. This on-trend collection features five of-the-moment shades inspired by everyday emotions women go through:

Flirty Pink — Best for when you’re feeling ultra-feminine, this playful millennial pink hue is both bold yet wearable for every day.

Playful Pearl — Ideal for days when you want to exude a mysterious allure, this iridescent shade adds a cool glow to any blonde tone.

Dreamy Beige —   If you’re feeling hopeful and optimistic, this neutral tone looks fresh and illuminating against any base shade.

Proud Brown — In need of a little confidence boost? Much like your morning latte, this irresistible, full-coverage coffee hue instantly gives you the power to take on the world—without any grays or unwanted brassy tones in sight.

Fierce Taupe — Ready to make a statement? This striking medium ash blonde shade offers a hint of pearl to ensure that all eyes will remain on your locks no matter where your day may take you.

Why You’ll Love It: In addition to providing a multitude of shades to fit your every emotion, the hues in this color collection can be mixed and matched to achieve your own unique style, whether you’re looking for full-coverage color or subtle hints of iridescent glow. Plus, thanks to the collection’s range of semi-permanent and long-lasting, full-coverage formulas, you can change your color as often as you change your mood.

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