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The beauty industry is constantly evolving. Every season, once-cutting-edge trends make way for even newer, even more innovative techniques, changing what clients expect and what stylists deliver. As a creative professional, you owe it to yourself—and your business—to stay on top of our ever-changing industry. 

When it comes to honing your craft and advancing your techniques, there’s simply no substitute for ongoing stylist education. The benefits of continued education are myriad—you can offer your clients a greater range of services, you can up your prices based on your newly developed skills and experience, you can stay inspired to break out of your salon routine, and you can do it all while establishing yourself as a leader in your area or even across the entire industry. 

Keune believes that continued education for hair stylists is the foundation on which our industry is built. As such, they proudly offer a number of courses for stylists looking to build on their editorial skills, expand their salon offerings, or even learn something entirely new—just for the fun of it! Take a look at some of Keune’s upcoming educational opportunities for 2020 to find out how you can expand your craft, boost your business, and stay inspired.

Upcoming Keune Education Classes


Keune Editorial Remix – February 22, 23 & 24 

Learn insightful tips and tricks to elevate your editorial skills during this 2 1/2-day course. Held at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA, this course offers everything you need to know to build your professional portfolio and establish your presence at competitions, in professional publications, on social media, and across the industry as a whole. Topics include building mood boards, color formulation and placement, up-dos, social media apps to make your life easier, styling an editorial photoshoot, and more. Register here.


Keune Foundational Color – March 1 & 2 

While not a beginners’ color course, this course offers everything you need to create a solid foundation for salon color service or reenergize your current offerings. In this course, you’ll learn to formulate Keune color to achieve expert-level results—every time. Plus, you’ll find tips for determining a client’s true gray percentage, how naturally combing pigments can affect color formulation, and how to help your client get the look she wants from any starting point. This course is held at Keune’s Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA. Register here


Keune Foundational Design – March 1 & 2 

Designed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, this course offers a fresh perspective on foundational design. Enhance your cutting and finishing skills during this two-day, hands-on workshop that focuses on Keune’s four foundational cuts. You’ll learn the correct technique to master each type of cut and how shape can impact the overall effect, all while mastering the Keune’s proven cutting system. This course is held at Keune’s Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA. Register here.


Keune Next Level Color – March 8 & 9 

Once you’ve mastered your foundational color technique, take your craft to the next level with Keune’s advanced color class. Held at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA, this two-day course provides hands-on instruction in mastering placement, custom formulation, and achieving the latest industry trends your clients are asking for. This course is recommended before Keune’s Next Level Design program. Register here.


Keune Next Level Design – March 8 & 9 

Learn how to achieve innovative, high-end designs with Keune’s Next Level Design course, held at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA. During this course, you’ll learn how to apply your Next Level Color skills in the salon to create multi-dimensional, on-trend results for your clients. Hone your technical skills, including creative custom color formulation and placement. Prior to this course, it is recommended that you complete Keune’s Foundational Color program. Register here


Keune Cut & Color Collaboration – March 15 & 16 

Work directly with some of the Keune’s top colorists, designers, and educators—including  Creative Color Ambassador George Alderete, Keune Academy Trainer Dallan Flint, and Creative Ambassador Gareth Palmer—during this fun, two-day course, held at Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA. Learn how to bring design, finish, and color together to achieve stunning results in a collaborative, hands-on environment, all while receiving the invaluable mentorship of some of the industry’s top creatives. You’ll leave with myriad techniques and an advanced understanding of how to truly take your salon service to the next level. Register here

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