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The KEVIN.MURPHY FUTURE.LOVE show was a breathtaking experience that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. With live performances and fashion-forward styles to inspire the season’s ahead, they are redefining what it means to be a stylist. Kevin Murphy noted that this year, the brand will be about ‘progression rather than reinvention,’ which is a sentiment many individuals can embrace. The creative process is not just about creating something totally new, it is about evolving each day. 

Some of the highlights of the show were the styles indicative of the 50s and 60s with a modern twist through silhouette and texture. From modernizing the classic beehive to putting a feathered twist on fishtail braids, slight changes to fan favorites have proven to be the top way to update styles this season. 

//Marianne Jensen

When it came to color, beautiful brunettes were transforming into ravishing blondes, pastel pink and deep reds came to life with the texture to match. Using blues and greens in a new way are also proving to be a game changer! 

Some of our favorite looks:


Looking for an easy way to update your color without the commitment? Weave fabric into your braid for the ultimate boho vibe! “To create effortless lift and perfect texture at the crown, apply DOO.OVER onto damp hair and then add CURL.CLIPS before blow-drying into the hair.” Said STYLE.MASTER Ali Batista. “Then, take pieces of recycled fabric and weave them into the braid. I love the idea of taking something old and breathing new life into it!” She added.



“Use BEDROOM.HAIR for a lived-in look on short, textured bobs. Doing so will give this look a very undone and effortless feel – it gives the haircut the right amount of density, texture and shine.” – DESIGN.DIRECTOR for CUTTING Pascal van Loenhout


“To prepare this look, set the direction of the hair in the exact same way as you will braid it – to do this, blow-dry the whole front section toward the face with ANTI.GRAVITY to create hold. Then, to start each braid, press your thumb on the hairline instead of using a small elastic in order to see more of the separation and achieve extra shine. Don’t forget to finish the look with SESSION.SPRAY and STAYING.ALIVE to remove the fly-aways!” – SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello

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