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As a stylist, you should never stop striving to educate yourself on the latest trends, techniques and skill sets. This is key to a lifelong, successful career within the industry. All too often, after you are done with school and comfortable at a salon, you might not know where to start your education path again. Understanding the needs of stylists and wholeheartedly wanting them to succeed, Sam Villa and his amazing team have created the tools you as stylists need to jump-start your education no matter where you left off!

When it comes to method, the Sam Villa Team rallies around LIVE Education as the most important asset to the industry.  An asset that must not be lost, as the craft of hairdressing depends on the ability to connect with others and express knowledge and skillset in a very interpersonal way.

True, hairdressers struggling for fresh inspiration have the option of turning to digital education – it’s fast, convenient and affordable, and sometimes even FREE! However, it is important not to neglect in-person education and hands-on classes!

“Attending education in-person, especially participating in hands-on classes, is one of the best ways to “reset the router” and re-balance our education diet. Sure, going it alone can be effective, but massive breakthroughs are possible when utilizing a live teacher,” explains Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam Member.

Benefits of Live Education

1.     At advanced levels of learning, coaching points can become more minute and esoteric – and the assistance of a qualified instructor is often necessary.

2.     Live PERSON-TO-PERSON education is communicated based on an individual’s needs, thus increasing relevance and retention.

3.     With regular LIVE education, confidence improves, and coaching and refinement from others is better received and applied.

“Sam Villa offers education in all forms, but we feel we can make the most impact one-on-one in a salon, because we can directly address the type of education needed and activate the inner learner in each team member,” adds Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa.

Sam Villa education is designed to inspire, motivate, and educate…there is nothing more powerful than the exchange that occurs when people come together as a group to learn and share.   

To see the latest classes and opportunities check out the latest LIVE Education experiences here: https://www.samvilla.com/landing/artist-booking/.


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