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Lived-in hair has slowly transitioned from effortless beach waves to a barely-there bend. Coveted on social media from street style to socialites, this look combines working with natural texture and the latest styling techniques to ensure a personalised look that’s less posh and more powerful. No matter what hair type you have, these are our top ways to achieve an effortlessly lived-in look this summer.

Start With Your Scalp

We’ll let you in on a little secret - healthy hair leads to a better style and there’s no better place to start the transformation than with your scalp. Offering a new way to exfoliate, the SCALP regimen can revive your total style from new growth to ends. Utilising Perlite, Celery Seed Extract, and Rose Water, SCALP.SPA consists of a SCRUB and a WASH that gently exfoliates and soothes the scalp while refreshing strands. Whether dealing with a dry or overly oily situation, working SCALP.SPA into your routine helps reset balance and pave the way for a lush look. 


Prep With Product

To create or enhance lived-in hair, the right product combination for your hair type and desired style is essential. When it comes down to it, volume, movement and texture are key, which is why we recommend layering EVER.SMOOTH and ANTI.GRAVITY before you dry. EVER.SMOOTH gives you the ability to quickly dry hair, cuts down on frizz and creates memory hold for your finished style. An oil-free volumiser, ANTI.GRAVITY sets the stage for a flawless finish by encouraging movement from the scalp to the ends - a key trait of a free-spirited lived-in style.  

Finish Like A Pro

To truly set your style apart, you’ve really got to experiment with the way you finish. Stylists have accumulated countless hours on various textures, playing with numerous finishing products, which is why they’re able to create that “je ne sais quio,” you can never seem to recreate at home. To give your look a stylist-approved finish, ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY is essential to create a soft, tousled look with the perfect amount of flexible hold. Once hair is dry, spritz on strands, and sandblast with the blowdryer for a wind-swept feel. This small step is essential to creating that “lived-in” element you crave.