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Getting a style to stay in place takes effort and requires knowledge. Your hair may not hold curl due to its texture, your prep process or the health of the hair. Updating your current routine with a few tips and tricks from the pro’s can enhance any style. Follow along below to see how a few key products, tools, and techniques can create long-lasting curls for any hair type.


As with any style, foundation is key for creating long lasting curls. By applying the proper products (either layering or cocktailing) you help your strands achieve hold all night long.

As a rule of thumb, for finer, softer hair it is especially important to stay away from oils and silicons and instead add volumizing, thickening or texturizing products.

Pro Tip: Skip the conditioner and stay away from leave in conditioners.

Product Pick:     Redken Guts 10

                          Redken Iron Shape 11 (after blow drying, before curling)


Contrary to popular believe, you don’t actually want super smooth hair pripr to curling. Using less tension while blow-drying will help your curls retain their shape.     

Pro Tip: Picking a paddle brush instead of a round or finishing brush because overly polished hair won’t hold curl.     


Healthy hair is one of the hardest textures to get to retain a curl. By adding artificial texture to baby fine or soft hair, you are creating the perfect base for your style by expanding the shape of the cuticle and adding fullness and hold.

 Pro Tip: Using a texturizing iron prior to curling.

Product Pick: Sam Villa Professional Textr Iron  


In our video we demonstrate how we allow the hair to cool after curling. This is a key step in creating a long lasting hold. On average, hair can take about 30 minutes to fully take on the shape of their new thermal bonds. 

            *Hot tip - let your hair cool

            Can take up to 30 mins of cooling for bonds to fully form

            Pin curl clips for extra hold

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