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You may have seen some of Christine Silverman’s beautiful blondes walking down the street, present in tutorials, or by scrolling through Instagram. While you know her amazing color, how much do you know about the artist behind it all? Although her work speaks for herself, in this artist feature Christine gets to do the talking.



How did you become a stylist?

I came into hairdressing later in life as a career choice.  My whole life was spent pursuing art and being an artist, but my first love was very much hair and beauty.  As a young girl I would convince my friends to let me do their hair, both coloring and styling. One of my favorite hobbies was riding my bike to the drugstore and buying a new item of makeup.  The art of beauty is truly gratifying to me.  My fine art background has been immensely helpful in understanding color theory and knowing what looks good on an individual, based on their features, skin tone and eye color. 


Any favorite techniques?

My favorite technique to use is balayage, and it’s also the only way I do highlights.  I love the natural sun kissed effect it creates.  It works by utilizing natural hues as a beautiful starting point and doesn’t look unnatural.  Coming from being artist, it also allows me to be a painter…my canvas is now hair!


Defining moments?

The biggest defining moment of my career was probably the moment I got hired to be Lorri Goddard’s assistant.  When I decided to become a stylist, I knew I wanted to do big things.  Being offered the opportunity to train under someone who is also an incredible artist with such an expansive career was priceless to me.  I have had subsequently amazing things happen in my career, but having an exceptionally strong foundation working for one of the great leaders in our industry has opened up many doors for me career wise. Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran have also been huge mentors to me by opening my eyes to different techniques and the utilization of Instagram as a very powerful business tool.  They inspire me every day with their beautiful images and push me to constantly grow and improve myself.


Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration comes from many areas, I still enjoy going to galleries and being involved in the art world.  Fashion is a huge inspiration to me, I always love seeing runway looks and draw a lot of creativity from that.  I also love staying up on makeup trends; it is such a fun tool that can completely change someone’s features in much the same way hair color can.  Nature is also a very calming and inspirational source for me. Living in southern California children spend a lot of time in the sunshine whether at the beach or at their swimming pool.  I love looking at their hair color and emulating it in the salon setting!


What trends can we look forward to this season?

Fall hair color tends to trend into more rich, subtle and muted hues.  Summer’s sun kissed brondes become rich chocolate brunettes. Bright buttery blonde becomes honey golden evocative of summer’s sunshine.   Fiery coppers get their time to shine.  The bright rainbow pastel creative color of spring and summer merge into deeper jewel tones for the season.   Deep jet black becomes en vogue and less harsh as the time of year shifts.  However, here in LA blonde is always requested and always on trend!


Any products or tools you can’t live without?

The one tool I cannot live without is Brazilian Bond Builder, the product itself and the amazing new Demi-Permanent Conditioner are simply lifesavers!  Being in Los Angeles all of us girls have a bit of an addiction to going blonder and blonder, and these tools allow me to protect and preserve the hair’s integrity as well as adding an amazing amount of luminous shine!  The B3 shampoo, conditioner and mask are an integral part of at-home hair color protection and retention for all of my clients, as it extends the life of their color and the demi-permanent conditioning treatment.  


A few of our favorite Christine Creations:







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