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Deciding to change your hair color involves many factors and isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Not only are you signing up for possible hair damage, you are signing up for a new level of commitment when it comes to hair care. Nevertheless, ask anyone who loves their hair color; the bite is definitely worth the chew!

Whether you’re new to coloring your hair, still debating taking the first steps or are looking for ways to update your routine, there is a new trend in town that is taking the industry by storm. It is a hybrid style of balayage and block coloring with a smudged root; we like to call it the New Balayage. This new trend doesn’t require a specific shade or numerous hours at the salon completely overhauling your look, and over time it actually lengthens the life of your color and cuts down on upkeep. The premise is to add a smudged or smokey root with a color that marries your base color to your highlights. Oftentimes a lighter shade than your natural tone, this will break up the effect of roots growing in and allow you to wear a subtly shifting color for much longer.

This trend is dissimilar to the traditional ombre because instead of creating a harsh contrast, it is actually diffusing it. Hair trends were already on the path to “natural” and with this new trend, it makes being natural even more attainable. The varying degrees of the New Balayage allow you to choose a shade that is flattering to your style, rather than picking a tone based on Pantone’s color of the year.

As with any hair color it is important to take care of your stands between salon visits. Using color-safe products like Renewal Color Retention Shampoo and Conditioner daily will help prolong the life of your color while using a treatment, like Complete Recovery Treatment Masque, will restore elasticity and moisture.

Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Olivia Wilde, Chrissy Tiegen and Chiara Ferragni have all rocked this New Balayage while Fashion Week sent models of all hair colors down the runway with a similar look. Embrace your natural color and revel in your individuality this season.



Natural level: 7

Base Color: HIGH DEFINITION Custom Mixing Gel Color Level 7 Gold + Violet Intensifier.


Toner Infused Gel Color Coolest Ultra Light Blonde


Toner Infused Gel Color Cool Almond

Dimension Color 3: SHADOW LOWLIGHTS Filler Infused Gel Color Custom Formula Cool Pecan + Milk Chocolate


Creative Director: Mia Liguori, Scruples Co-President Creative & International Business

Session Styling: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircut: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircolor: Chris Venesky and April Godwin, Scruples Design Team

Amy Williamson, Scruples Artist

Makeup: Kumi

Photography: Jake Thompson

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Scruples Renewal Color Retention Shampoo

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Scruples Renewal Color Retention Conditioner

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Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Masque