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With salons and barbershops unsure when they will open, offering at-home solutions are a great way to ease grown out haircuts, fades, roots and brassy fade out. Many men are used to getting a haircut every 4 weeks (and some even sooner) will have to ease away from the draconian maintenance of clipper-cut fades in favor of lived-in perimeters. This is especially true for men with curly hair. “Natural texture and personal expression will become a stylistic "ace in the hole," giving everyone permission to wear their hair however they like - without being encumbered by traditional standards,” explains Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam

If you’ve been thinking about growing out your hair or finally forming that scruff into a full-blown beard, now might be the perfect time to go though the "awkward phase.” 

This freedom creates infinite possibilities when styling curly hair, and like all hairstyling, it is about creating a flattering profile or silhouette for the wearer - while adding personal details to make it unique. Curls can be manipulated and styled, but a certain degree of latitude is required. Not everything will be exactly in place – and that's the appeal.  In modern texture, the idiosyncratic behavior of the hair paired with the confidence and style of the wearer is what “sells” the look!

Men looking to "relax" their haircut and explore their natural texture without sacrificing a crisp feeling may want to keep the sides and back contained, isolating the longer length to the top. In this example, a Pompadour vibe was desired, while exploiting the natural finish of the curl for effect.

Get The Look:

  • On towel-dried hair, apply to the mid-lengths and ends a blend of a matte-finish paste and serum (try Redken Brews Clay Pomade and Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil).
  • Customize this mixture to suit the needs of the hair - more or less of either product will yield different control results. Blend small amounts in hand; there should be no "clumps" of product - only a "silky" feel on the hand. Apply in small amounts repeatedly until the hair has a nice "slip" without being oversaturated.
  • Apply a dry texture styler (try Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05) at the root area where volume is needed.
  • Air dry (or blow dry using a diffuser) until the hair is 80% dry. In the front, blow dry the root for volume, isolating the airflow with a concentrator nozzle. Keep the air on the roots - disturb the ends as little as possible. When the desired result is achieved, use cold air to set the root.
  • To finish, use a little more paste to redefine and sculpt the curls into shape. Don't feel compelled to make it perfect; a little frizz is okay!

“It might be hard for those men used to hitting the clippers on a regular basis to relax a bit, but with a little guidance you can make sure they hit the endless stream of Zoom calls with their usual confidence,” adds Linares.

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