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Apart from time and dedication, there is a great deal of energy, emotion and feeling that goes into creating a collection. Mark Leeson loves to create looks that are translatable for consumers and in his latest collection – Baroque 2020– the styles capture the perfect amount of attainability mixed with a posh polish. Giving us the perfect amount of inspiration we need at the moment, we can't help but fall in love with each carefully curated look. Take a peek below to see the collection in its entirety and learn more about the creative process from Mark himself. 

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

My collections have been very much based on the seasons – I like to think they are also totally in-sync with the work emanating from the catwalks. It is important to me that they carry a strong ‘theme’ and they come across as a total story – a true collective fusing fashion, makeup and hair 

Tell us more about you as an artist and how your work has changed over the years.

My work continually involves as its important to me to continue to challenge new trends – however, in the past two years, I have returned to my initial love which is to create beautiful wearable consumer-led hair – that will appeal to everyone.

What did you learn about yourself through creating this collection?

I always learn never just to like the picture – once the photographer captures what we consider to be ‘the shot’ I always push for another twenty frames as feel that once the model is confident that we have got the look we are seeking – she lets her guard down and that is when you get absolute gold.

What was your biggest challenge or greatest accomplishment?

 That is on a personal level – my health – my greatest accomplishment is getting the all-clear for cancer. There is no comparative anywhere.

Were there any products/tools that were key to getting the looks or colours?

 As Global Ambassador for Revlon Professional – I am blessed with a stunning colour palette and a stash of the ultimate styling care to help me to create perfection.

Do you have a mentor/someone you look up to in the industry (or outside of it) for inspiration?

 Not one mentor no – that would be easy! I look at the work of both the celebrated and non-celebrated artist and take elements from this. I admire my colleagues in the industry – as it is just so difficult to maintain a platform of leadership and constant inspiration.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

 To be 100% fit and healthy 100% of the time.

Coffee or tea? Morning person or night owl?

A cup of tea for me please – but it’s got to be out of a cup.  Definitely not a morning person, nor am I a night owl – but I do give it my best once I’m up and running.

Favourite travel destination location?

I absolutely love my time in MALDIVES.