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2018 has already proven to be the year of shedding traditional trends and picking up motivational movements, so what does this mean for your hair? Read on to discover how embracing the “natural trend” will affect your style.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

Going au natural doesn’t just mean rocking your messy bedhead. This style actually takes a bit of work and a little getting used to. If you’re starting fresh out of the shower, you’ll want to add a little grit to your hair to make it look like second-day hair. MAN MADE WASH is the perfect cleanser because it conditions as well. After showering, add a touch of PASTE throughout locks and allow to air-dry. Once your locks are completely dry, gently run your fingers through your style to add a bit of volume and natural effect.

It actually starts in the salon.

If you’re struggling to get a natural look at home the first thing you’ll want to do is consult your stylist! Whether you’re growing your hair out or looking for a change, ask your stylist to add extra texture throughout your style. If your ends are cut too blunt or too clean, it will be extremely hard to get the look you’re going for.

You might need to bring in reinforcements.

You might not like the way your hair naturally dries and haven’t quite figured out how to fix this sitch! Adding heat to your styling routine can be a quick fix and the key to a stellar style. If your natural part isn’t ideal, use a blow dryer and vent brush to create a new one! Don’t love your natural texture? Use the dryer and your fingers to pull out your pattern or add volume in all the right places!

Whether “natural” means rocking your hair as is or adapting a few expert techniques to adjust the style for you, everyone can (and should) rock this trend this season!

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