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Just like any trend, men’s grooming movements are constantly changing. Today, structured short cuts may be ‘in’ and tomorrow it might be all about the long and shaggy. This season, we’ve noticed an influx of texture in full effect. Whether wearing your hair long or short, here are our favorite ways to update your style to complement the fall season!

Texture Spray

If there were going to be one product to buy this season, we would pick texture spray! A less common pick for men, this product is every stylist’s favorite weapon. The great thing about it for men is that it can be used pre and post-blowout to add texture and create control. Simply spritz on before blow-drying and then dry hair into place – this will help get extra volume around the roots. Then finish with texture spray to create separation and movement.

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Dry Shampoo

Yes, dry shampoo is for men too! We’re sure you’ve all seen the memes about just how much women love this second-day styler, so why haven’t you tried it yet? This is great in a pinch to revive your hair if you don’t have time for a full redo or if you want to add some grit to your just done style. Although you may not want to rely on this for special events, it is a great fix for short-term styles. Just think, you’ll never have to wear a hat to the gym again.

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Sea Salt Spray

Again, this is one of those underrated styling products that men seem to forget about. However, whether you have fine strands or thick texture, this product is a must! Add volume and control to fine strands or create control and curl/wave definition for thicker looks. You can layer this first before using a texturizer or puck or simply as a standalone product for blow-drying or air-drying.

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