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While achieving perfect hair is the goal of any man, not many of them want to spend the extra time to get it. Let’s face it, men everywhere want to spend as little time as possible fussing over their hair, but when it comes to a great look it doesn’t have to take all day. Yes, low maintenance looks can give off the appearance of a high-quality look – you just need a few tips to get there. Simply change up your routine and swap a few products for a fail-safe style.

1. It Starts With The Cut

The phrase “you get what you pay for” rings especially true when it comes to your cut. Sure, you don’t need to break the bank with a celebrity stylist, but invest in a stylist who can help you nail the look. Once you’ve found your desired stylist, be sure to keep an appointment with them every 4-6 weeks. Keeping your hair cut on a schedule keeps your hair in check and allows you to learn about the latest trends and styling techniques.

2. Texture Is Essential

Apart from receiving a one of a kind (instead of a cookie-cutter) look; you’ll also want to ask for texture. When texture is added to your cut it not only looks better and more blended from the start, but it also grows out better as well. When you get a haircut that is too perfect – like with a guard on a clipper – at the first sign of growing out, it immediately looks messy. Texture is achieved through point or slide cuts to create a slightly blended line.

3. When To Shampoo

When it comes to shampooing, it might be a routine activity that you do on the daily but maybe you shouldn’t. Sometimes it is better to give your style rest and let your natural oils do their thing. If you over-shampoo your hair it can lead to dull, lifeless locks and an extra dry scalp. Need a rule of thumb? The longer the hair, the longer you should wait to wash. Try it out with every other day and extend it once you oil train your hair! For extra invigoration, be sure to really scrub your scalp to promote blood flow and consider adding a more intensive scalp scrub once a month to remove extra debris.

4. What To Shampoo With

The type of shampoo is just as important as how often you wash. Investing in a formula that is perfectly tailored to your hair texture and style is the first step. While you may be inclined to pick up a 2-in-1 from the dollar store, don’t. With harsh ingredients, they will strip the hair of natural oils and dry out your hair. Instead, look for a solid formula that targets your exact needs. From moisture to volume, deep cleansing or taming – there’s a product that can fit all your needs.

5. Always Condition

Don’t even think about skipping this step. Yes, you DO need to condition. Apply conditioner after washing is like putting lotion on after you wash your face. It helps smooth the cuticle, hydrate and enhance style. The longer the hair the more conditioner you’ll need. Whether shampooing or not, you should condition your hair each time you shower. With slight cleansing properties, it can also be a great alternative to help skip a shampoo!

6. Natural Texture Needs Extra Attention

Curly hair often goes hand in hand with coarse hair and the need for extra moisture. Curly hair can often benefit from skipping a wash or even using a conditioning wash instead of shampoo. After showering, your next process is equally important. Forgo using a towel to remove moisture, or simply use a blotting technique instead. Once out of the shower, be sure to apply a leave-in moisturizer or oil – this will add back in the extra hydration and care you desperately need.

7. Brush Your Hair

Ok, we know this seems fairly straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually brush their hair anymore – especially men. If the hair is curly, get a Texture comb and comb through hair in the shower prior, if hair is straight, be sure to comb it through with product once you get out. Blow-drying your look? First off all, hats of to you for being amazing and sticking to a high maintenance routine. Next, be sure to pick out a brush with natural bristles – like boar – to get an expertly styled finish with shine!

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8. Finishing Products Are Your Friend

Curious about how to elevate your style? From salt spray to texturizing spray, dry shampoo and hairspray, these can all help you get the look you really want. While you may think that certain products are reserved for your mate, they’re not! Ask your stylist for recs or simply start experimenting at home. Dry shampoo and sea salt spray can be used on thin or straight hair to add volume and clean hold while texturizing spray or hair spray can create a stronghold finish and movement that is easily moldable. Try it out; you’re sure to get hooked!

9. Don’t Sleep On Products

With the exception of dry shampoo (which is just another reason you’ll love it) you really shouldn’t sleep on a head full of products. Not only will they weight heavily on your locks, but they’ll also sit heavy on your scalp. Heavy hold products like hairspray and pomade are best rinsed before bedtime for the benefit of your skin, your strands and your sheets!

10. Own It

Whether you’re trying out a new style or sticking to your roots, be confident in your style. Just like a new hat or your latest shirt pick, half of your style is about the way in which you wear it. Take the above steps to really nail the look and once you do, sit back and simply enjoy it!